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Temporary Location

In case you are not aware, Mahoning United Methodist Church has sold the building at 2214 Mahoning. We are currently exploring our options for a new building that will better meet our congregation’s needs. In the meantime, please join us at Centenary United Methodist Church located at 1413 Belmont Ave. Youngstown, OH 44504.

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Pool or River 11-03-2013

There is a story in the Bible that has always kept my attention. It is one of those miracles that Jesus performed. Today, I don’t want to focus on the miracle itself. I want to pay special attention to the place where the miracle occurred. Let’s go to the Bible to place ourselves in the …

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The Power of Decisions 10-13-13

Life is a decision making process. We are today the product of the choices we have made in the past. Our future heavily depends on the decisions we make today. Free will (the power of making decisions) is one of our natural endowments. Since the time of creation, human beings have had the ability to …

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Letter from Pastor Tatiana

Let me thank you again for the attention, care and support which you have rendered to our UMC “God’s Field” for many years. Nothing is new in our church. We still carry out the Church services, the Bible studies, charitable dinners, etc. in the private house where our family lives. Once again I would say …

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God’s Love Goes Beyond Borders

God’s Love Goes Beyond Borders   Our last visitor from Cuba, Rev. Omar Correa, shared with me a story that has touched me deeply and I want you to know. After several hours of good conversation, Omar told me about Pastor Yordano’s situation. Pastor Yordano is married and has two handsome boys. He is in …

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Operation Christmas Child

Once again it is time to fill boxes for the Samaritan’s Purse.  Shoe boxes are available on the table in the hallway along with information giving a detailed list of ages and suggested items for the boxes as soon as we receive it.  You might want to contribute for the shipping cost in addition to, …

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